Sensational Content

On a Global Scale- Even with Local Targeting

We conceive, produce and deliver simple to sensational content with media frenzy. Really. Upon request we can show a portfolio of work that spans 14 years and includes simple weddings to the the fourth largest financial news television network in the country. The year’s most sensational content and events as well as short cinematic films. From people, events and organizations, we have been there and delivered with ROI’s unrivaled.

Profit Conscious | Creatively Untethered

We understand that money spent MUST have a RETURN on INVESTMENT.  However It must Attract Your Audience and produce your desired result. This is where we are your best ally regardless of what level you choose to venture with us. 

We cultivate our creativity to benefit you in two primary ways: Save You Money in Powerful, Sensational Delivery, and;  Develop innovative ways to connect with your audience superior to your competition. 

A Lankford Media, money is fuel for the engine; Creativity is the vehicle that delivers success! Take us for a spin- You’ll Love It! So will your audience!

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