Turnkey Production

[Heavy G Productions]

Lankford Media delivers turnkey production solution capabilities by equipment and the industry’s most efficient production professionals. We provide all equipment and personnel for On Set, In Situ, and on Location Filming and Events

We Succeed by Understanding Your Purpose

We can make you larger than life all-in or ala-carte. Do you have certain event providers committed? No Problem! Pick and choose the services you want. We provide a larger than life presentation in each level of event management that comes together with the full package or merges well with other providers


Where Your Event Takes Place is Important.

For Events, we can reserve venue(s) anywhere and for any budget. Our experience includes providing partnerships with hotels, civic centers and airlines for guest discounts attending from far off lands. Local or abroad, we can certainly find the best place for your legendary event.


You Will Be Presented In The Best Light

Our lighting scales from on set simple to full concert, lazer and special effect lighting. All of our lighting is state of the art and meets full code requirements. Every Lumen, dark spot and color is designed by Lankford Media. Know your best light? Tell Us! Want us to bring your event? No Problem! How does that look?


Pitch Perfect Production

We Bring the Sound you want to make your event  perfect. From set up to full production, we have the equipment and staff to prepare, stage and produce your sound all the through the last applause. Know what you want? Great! Need us to create it for you? No Problem! Allow us to carry your tune. How does that sound?

Stage/Set Design

We Stage Your Event!

From instructional level inside an office to full concert level staging at an arena: We provide tailored stages to your event.  

Set Designs are a stage to us.

Every detail is attended to including those piquant needs often required by popular talent. We understand all the needs each participant has in order to be phenomenal.


Carrying Through Your Event

Lankford Media has the best trained AV people in the business! Rarely does an event go as planned. Its the pros who know their equipment and the experience to think and execute lightning fast in order to bring through a show so that the purpose of the event is met with stellar precision. When we produce your show through, you will achieve your goal. 


We Capture Your Best

We treat each event with the full reverence of cinematographic awe. Our approach assures your audience is met with the full visual delivery of your message. We are the eyes for your audience, focusing on the most poignant areas of your messaging. Have a set subject or idea? Point us to it. Want us to get directorial? No Problem!

Live Feed

Your Event Can Be Shared With Everyone

However, it does not need to be instant. We can take you out to all live platforms simultaneously either direct or with quick switching, edit your event and deliver a different slant for a live audience. 


Your Event Has Value that Extends Way Beyond the Moment

Lankford Media can recreate your event in many ways with the power of editing, Re-Targeting your captured media into many audience niches. Our experience producing live radio and television, recorded production and editing gives your organization  new dimensions of your already paid-for content. A few dollars more gives you follow-up, commemorative, marketing, sales and even training materials for your organization and multiple audiences with multiple purposes.


Special Effects

Lets Get Phenomenal

Our Equipment and staff can make rain or snow come from the ceiling at the snap of your finger without the audience getting wet or cold. Your stage can open up portals to other dimensions with fellow executives coming onto the stage- ALL LIVE, In Situ. Video Walls, Joined events from around the world- We are truly only limited by our imagination- and that is Wild at Lankford Media.  Want Legendary? We’ll bring it!


The Best Talent in the World

We can bring the best talent to specifically achieve your goals. From Actors and Musicians, to the best pitch people and motivators- we’ll bring them. Are you on a budget? No Problem! We’ll bring tomorrow’s top talent to deliver your messaging the way you need it delivered. Ask us about some of our experiences and you will laugh until you cry.; Then entrust us to find the right agents to deliver for you! 


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